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Mountain Town | Resort Town recreational and medical dispensary for sale at $2.5M. Located in Dillon, CO off of I-70 facing the interstate with a 26' pole sign.


Owning a retail recreational and medical dispensary operation in a mountain town with seasonal tourism can offer opportunities for growth and profitability while also providing a desirable location for employees and customers alike.

Summit County was the 2nd highest tourism spend at $1.8B of the $22.5B spent by tourist in Colorado in 2021.

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Dispensary | Accessory | Lounge

Dillon has a moratorium of new licenses. Capped market at 3 licenses total. There are 26 parcels in town that are approved from a zoning perspective; this parcel represents the largest (1.7 acres) and one of the few facing Interstate 70.

This dispensary also has an accessory store inside that currently outperforms all surrounding local pipe and head shops. Additional built in revenue stream

After over 5 months lobbying, the Dillon location has been approved locally and by the state to implement a consumption lounge. It is one of the only few approved local municipalities in all of CO to have this use and the ONLY one in the ski resort towns.


There is 1200+ square feet already allocated for the lounge that is a blank canvas ready for build out.



Cultivation facilities, dispensaries, and the MIP facility are available for sale separately or as a complete package. Real Estate on (4) of the other dispensaries have an option to sell. To see other stores click HERE.

Photos of Dillon Dispensary
Video of Dillon Dispensary

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