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Equity and Debt financing solutions

Valuate and Plan for a Better Business Experience. 

MMJBS and Acoma Capital Partners, through years of networking and experience, has been able to carefully craft vast lists of private equity funds, lenders, creditors, family offices, and other strategic capital providers that provide both debt and equity financing for medium to large-sized cannabis companies.

MMJBS will work with the owners and management to carefully arrange and negotiate financing solutions that will enable the company to most efficiently continue growth and expansion. More often than not, business owners who are seeking to acquire capital for expansion, are incorrectly navigating the murky waters unknowing of the terms that would best suit their business. Financing for an acquisition, is most likely going to drastically differ from the financing structure of a company seeking a loan for equipment.

Achieve Your Company's Long-Term Goals

Whether you are in need of a short-term bridge loan, are looking to refinance and restructure your firm’s current debt, or looking for an equal equity partner in your business, our advisors at MMJBS can assist your cannabis firm on structuring all your financing needs.



  • Private Lenders

  • Venture Capital

  • Unsecured Debt

  • Equipment Financing

  • Real Estate Acquisition Financing

  • Short Term Bridge Loans                

  • Royalty Financing

  • Convertible Debt

  • Cash Flow Financing

  • And More

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