Oklahoma City, OK Grow

This opportunity is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma just 10 minutes away from downtown. The building currently holds four operating grow rooms and each hold about 30 lights each and each room has 2qty-4qty 5 TON AC Units. The model of lights used in this operation are double ended commercial lights. Each light is yielding about 2.2lbs per light every 80 days.


The fifth grow room is currently under construction and has the framing up but no power or lights yet but it can hold up to 20 lights. The construction of the grow has an additional Phase 3 that adds another 3 grow rooms (making the grow having 8 total flowering rooms) and up to 90 more lights.

This grow operation just renewed its OPC license is on a 5yr lease ending in 2025. The building is available for purchase as well. More information and pictures will be added as soon as the construction of this page is complete. For more questions please dont hesitate to contact us! 

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