Unincorporated Adams County
Westminster Recreational
Hospitaltiy License for Sale

Not a Social Equity License
Plus Lease on Property
Has Option to Purchase
5000 Sqft Facility
76th and Washington
Excellent Location

hospitality build westminster.png
Be one of the first to open a Marijuna Bar in the United States
These MMJ Bars/Consumption Lounges can sell marijuana and marijuana products as well as sell food and non-alcoholic beverages. Also you’re allowed to be open from 7am to 2am (when regular dispensaries can only operate from 8am to 12am with most cities making it 9am to 10pm) Most State will only allow BYOC or Bring Your Own Cannabis to Lounges and consume them on premise. With this license you can sell Cannabis directly to the Client. Perfect place for MMJ Events and Marketing.
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